Nächstes Ecstatic Dance München Termine:

Am 21.9.2018 geht es nach der Sommerpasue weiter!



Beginn Tanzen: 20 Uhr

Beginn Warm Up: Kakao: 19 Uhr 30


Please be on Time!

Es gibt bei allen Events Rohen Kakao!


Ort: Lachdach Pling in der Steinerstr.5-9, S-Bahn: Mittersendling


Eintritt Tanzen: 17 € bzw. 22 € mit Kakao

Vorverkauf: 15 € bzw. 20 € mit Kakao über die SoulEvents Webseite


Tickets für das jeweils nächste Tanzen gibt es in unserem Shop.




About Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance is a worldwide conscious dance and movement event. Being alcohol and drug free, it started sixteen years ago in Hawaii, and has since spread all over the globe.  We are very proud to have Ecstatic Dance in Munich since almost 2 years now. At the Lachdach Pling we have found a great location and sweet people to create the field of community we envisonned. Ecstatic Dance is a place where people can come to dance and express themselves in an authentic way without worry about how it looks. In Munich, we also offer raw cacao at each event.

The music set is a wave styled format where the music starts off calm and builds up to a peak, and then comes back down again.  The dance lasts about ninety minutes.  In order to maintain the transformative and ritual quality of the dance, there is no talking on the dance floor.  If people choose to do so, there will be an area outside the room where people can talk.

Ecstatic Dance Munich is founded by Scott Binder and Julia Dybe.

Julia and Scott’s passion for dancing had them meet on the dance floor in Berlin five years ago.  Out of that connection, the idea of starting Ecstatic Dance was born.

Scott is a DJ music producer from Seattle but has been living in Berlin for seven years.  His back ground is in club DJing, but due to some personal challenges, he felt an inner calling to be a part of the conscious dance movement.  Scott is also part of the Ecstatic Dance Berlin crew.   

Julia is the founder of Soul Events, an international event agency focused on the organization of spiritual events.  After living abroad for seven years and traveling extensively throughout the globe, mostly studying yoga, meditation, buddhism, ancient healing techniques and raw-vegan food,  Julia cultivated her experiences she gathered from different places and her inward journey to create Soul Events,


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