Alle weiteren TERMINE in  2020:


ABGESAGT AUFGRUND COVID-19: Fr, 16.10.2020: Heyoka Pulsaris  I  Lachdach Pling

UNKLAR, OB ES STATTFINDET: Fr, 23.10.2020: Open I  Lachdach Pling

UNKLAR, OB ES STATTFINDET: Fr, 6.11.2020: Ben Pavlidis  

Fr, 13.11.2020: Katya  I  Lachdach Pling

Fr, 20.11.2020: Anna Famari  I  Lachdach Pling

Fr, 4.12.2020: DJ Meiko Deen  I  Lachdach Pling

Fr, 10.12.2020: DJ Pascal de Lacaze  I  Rote Fabrik Neu-Aubing

Fr, 18.12.2020: Ahureia I  Lachdach Pling



Lachdach Pling in der Steinerstraße 5 – 9 , 81369 Mittersendling  I  Quer über den  Hinterhof bei "Alles Klar" gehen, dann 1. Tür links   I   Penthouse

S-Bahn Mittersendling oder Bushaltestelle Steinerstraße




Tanzraum Rote Fabrik, Brunhamstraße 19 A, München

über das Gewerbegelände gehen und Beschilderungen folgen



17 € . 22 € incl. Kakaozeremonie



19 Uhr 30: Anfangskreis/Warm Up/Cacao

20 Uhr: Beginn Tanzwelle

22 Uhr 30: Singen und Abschlusskreis


Tickets für die nächsten beiden Events gibt es hier in unserem Shop.




About Ecstatic Dance Munich 


Ecstatic Dance is a worldwide conscious dance and movement event. It started 20 years ago in Hawaii

(thank you brothers and sisters over there ;-) and has spread since all over the western hemisphere.

We like to call it: Conscious Clubbing at its best! 


Our Ecstatic Dance in Munich was started in 2016. We were the 3rd Ecstatic Dance Community in Germany and we are closely connected to all other Ecstatic Dance Communities in Germany, especially our friends from Berlin. We often invite DJ´s from all communities to play at our dances. If you are an Ecstatic Dance DJ or want to help at one our dances, write to Julia at 


Being alcohol and drug free, Ecstatic Dance offers a place where people can come, dance and express themselves in an authentic way. We do not dance to look good or to impress others. We dance to connect to ourselves and to express our love & joy, our longings & dreams but also our fears & incertitudes. A whole Ecstatic Dance ritual can be a very transformative experience, but it does not need to be. It can just as well

be a fun night spend with cool people from where we come home feeling nourished and uplifted.


Thus, we invite you, people from all walks of life, age, race, beliefs, tastes and religions to come and drop their personal story at the door and just dance their hearts out straight into ecstasy. Yes, the results can be mind blowing!


The music is set in a wave style format where the music starts off calmly and slowly builds up to a peak, dives into ecstasy and then come back down again. The dance lasts 90-120 minutes. 


In order to maintain the transformative quality of the dance, please dance in silence, without shoes (socks are ok) and with due respect to all fellow dancers.


Ecstatic Dance is run and organized by Julia Dybe, who manages the international event agency SoulEvents.

Julia co- created Ecstatic Dance Munich in 2016 together with Scott Binder, Ecstatic Dance DJ from Seattle & Berlin.


We are pioneers in the sharing of human warmth, providing a healthy space for healthy human connections and we love crazy, sexy, wild dancing to beats of all kinds. We hope that your Ecstatic Dance experience will bear fruits for you and your life - on and beyond the dancefloor!

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